Our First Blog Post

Ever since Little Andy Mountain Cabins officially started in April 2021, I have been wanting to start a blog, but you know, life happens. So here I sit while my family quarantines with COVID capitalizing on my time and moving on to my next goal, blogging about my business and North Georgia Mountains!

As Little Andy Mountain Cabins officially started in 2021, we have had Cozy Cabin & Roundhouse on Airbnb since 2016! In January 2021, Little Andy Lookout hit the rental market! Then in June, Aananda Lookout Lodge & Alpine Sweet joined the cabin collection and shortly thereafter Snowdrift Cabin & The Hummingbird were part of the mixture. Lastly, in Oct of 2021 Fireside Chat was the absolute perfect addition (there is an awesome story behind Fireside Chat, but I will save that for a future blog post)!

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