Hitting the Trails

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Hitting the Trails!

Hiking has always been a thing my family and I have enjoyed since childhood through adulthood! We have done everything from family friendly to strenuous and everything in between. We are so blessed to be surround by SO many awesome hiking trails in North Georgia. Here is a list and personal description of the trails we love!

Raven Cliffs Falls

This is our MOST hiked trail just 5 miles from Little Andy Mountain up Richard Russell Scenic Highway. This trail in all is approx. 5 miles roundtrip if you make it all the way to the top of the falls (but we only make it that far occasionally). What we love most about this hike is you don’t have to make it to the top as there is so much to see along the way! At the beginning of the trail there are two spots that you can play in the river or skip rocks. All along the trail you are following the Dodd River and there are numerous small falls to see. Pretty much the entire trail is covered by a canopy of trees as you walk through the rhododendron and hemlock forests.  Also, you aren’t climbing too much during the hike either as the elevation gained is only 560 feet. My son’s first time on this trail he was 3, while we didn’t make it far, he thoroughly enjoyed!

Tesnatee Gap to Cowrock Mountain Summit

Located just past Raven Cliffs Falls this is a more strenuous hike that packs the punch for the short distance (only 2.25 miles)! I have done this hike several times and I must say it is much easier during the summer. I took my 6 year old this past November and it definitely added an element of difficulty. To add to the strain, this trail gains 600 feet in elevation in only a .85 distance but does offer some lighter hiking through it's switchbacks. The views at the end of the hike are to die for (not literally)! Unobstructed stunning views! Perch on top of the rocks with a bottle of water or a light packed lunch to take your time taking in the widespread breathtaking mountain sights. If you are up for the challenge, this is one you do not want to miss. (I will admit, my son did have a hard time and had to take lots of break when he came).

Views from the Summit Giant Rocks at the top of the Summit Stunning Mountain Views


Dukes Creek Falls

This is definitely one of the most family friendly hikes! Located just 4 miles from Little Andy Mountain this is the first hike off of Richard Russell Scenic Highway. This easy to moderate hike is 2 miles in total and takes a gradual decline via switchbacks to the amazing viewing platforms of the cascading waterfalls. The 1 mile hike to the falls is a gradual decline with small waterfalls rolling down the rocks along the way and then you have the returning 1 mile incline back to the parking area. This hike is good for kids of all ages. Unlike Raven Cliffs Falls, you cannot detour from the path, climb on rocks or enter the water. The first segment of the trail is paved and accessible, allowing hikers of all abilities to catch a glimpse of the falls from the trail’s upper viewing deck prior to the stairs that take you to the hiking path.

Observation Deck .1 miles & Falls 1.1 miles Falls Observation Deck (baby in tow)


These are just three of our favorite hikes: 1 easy, 1 moderate, & 1 strenuous just minutes from the cabins! All three of these hikes are located off of Richard Russell Scenic Highway! interested in other hikes? Check out our blogs about Smithgall Woods or blog about stroller friendly/handicap accessible hikes!