A Weekend Away

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We often have friends visit from out of town since I am from South Florida, my husband is from Washington and we have lived in Jacksonville & Germany... we get a lot of visitors. With that being said, I figured it would be helpful to plan out an ideal long weekend we would spend with friends!


Arrive at the cabin settle in. Head over to Nora Mills Granary to check out the store before heading to Tantrum Brewery for some flights of beer and food truck! Then head home and have a bonfire.


Head into Helen for Hofer's Bakery for breakfast (attempt to get there when they open) then head over to Hardman Trail for a morning walk. After the walk we walk through Helen to check out the stores before walking over to Georgia Mountain Coaster. After the Coaster we head to lunch at Bigg Daddy's. After lunch we head over to Cool River Adventures for some ziplining and then head home to rest. After we rest and play at the cabin, we head over to Bodensee/Hofbrahaus for dinner. 


Wake up and head to Chattahoochee Cheese Market at 9am to get to go sandwiches and then head out to Raven Cliff Falls for a good 5 mile hike. When we reach the falls, have our packed lunch before heading back the rest of the 2.5 miles. On the way home, stop by Farmhouse Coffee for some coffee. Then go back home and rest and clean up before heading over to a winery. Have a charcuterie board with wine.


Head to JumpinGoats on the way out of town for one more delicious coffee, mountain views, and good friends.


I hope this helps!! Obviously with the seasons everything changes! If tubing is open, that is something we LOVE and do all the time! Last year we had friends come in for 5 days and we literally tubed 3 times! You can pack much more in a day as well! Everything in Helen is close together so very easy to get to if not walk it all.